Sunday, February 12, 2006

My Beloved Country II

aaaaah....emmmm. Well, I have my family and friends living there, do I have anything else that keeps me from running away?!! No

Especially after the new changes that is happening here, just like:
1- Increasing the prices of almost everything (except Human Beings).
2- People here are dead, no motivation, no dreams, no hope in tomorrow, no hope in today.
3- Too many taxes (I am being taxes for my shit) and I think that we are going to pay taxes for air, being alive, and maybe hearing, since the default here is to be deff (we push the car horne for everything), we also pay taxes for the receipt of the taxes!! Isn't that too f..... much?!!
4- Driving license has evoluted from "license to kill" to "license to be killed", since already all the killers had their licenses now who gets a license is a victim.
5- I think that the government should pay us for living here, since if the borders where opened I am pretty sure that around 80% (if not more) of people are going to leave so the goverment will have no one to govern!!
6- People here are "Aliens vs. Predetors" that are fighting on the victims, if you are not this one then you need to be the other or else ...
7- We cannot talk with the government, we cannot protest against the government actions, we cannot say no, we cannot say yes, we cannot do anything except eating, drinking (cost money), working (generates money that government already takes from it around 40%), and having sex.
8- Youth are now lost and with no future, because of the following:
a- No money with the young people
b- So they cannot achieve their dreams
c- Even having a ligetimate sex relationship (marriage) costs money
d- They cannot have a decent job that fullfills his and his family needs
e- They cannot have illegal sex (forbbedin) or may get killed, and also costs money
f- They cannot watch TV or porn movies
g- They cannot buy a car (without a debt)
h- They cannot leave here without experience (Gulf now is engaged by "Isian" people)
i- They cannot go out to places to do anything except playing cards or pool
j- They do not have freedom, neither in learning, nor in thinking, or anything else, they are filled with what THEY want
9- Intended ignorance of Jordanian people problems?!!
10- Intended ignorance of people?!! Everyone here tends to know nothing and discuss nothing.

See you in the next series ...


Siksek said...

man you will make us go to jail "shalaleet" :) nice job but if cups come and ask about you, don't mention my name ok.
Take care Bro. said...

:) Wallah true.. I totaly agree with u