Monday, August 28, 2006

Near Death Experiment

NDE, I have had some of these but were very light and almost nothing, they never affected me or affected my feelings. But the one I am talking about happened last week, it was terrifying, I was shaking from tip to toe, everything was afraid in me, every cell was screaming for help, I was suffocating and I really realized that we are (human beings) are nothing and death is really real.

I do not know how it happened I was eating, as usual, but seems that I didn't chew well at the end of my meal because I was in a hurry to watch a program and start smoking. I was alone at home, my wife was at her parent's house, and I suddenly chocked, I couldn't breath, I couldn't talk, and I couldn't do nothing. I was just looking for an invisible help. Anyone passing by the window, or if the telephone can come to my hand and call my family to say goodbye, or any of my neighbors who might hear my thoughts and come to help me.

I was terrified, I was afraid, and after fighting for an uncountable seconds, I decided to surrender, I wanted to say the Shahadatain but I couldn't, here I was not only terrified, I was horrified, I was afraid of death, I know that one of the worst things a Muslim can face is to die without saying Shahadatain, so I started to fight again I was moving my head like a slaughtered chicken and I was trying to do anything to say it, finally I sat on my knees waiting for the death angle to come and take my soul, knowing that I tried hard to say Al-Shahadatain and hoping that Allah will forgive me for not saying them, suddenly I coughed and I vomited and finally I breathed after more than a minute of trying. The first thing I said was Ashhadu anna la elaha ella Allah wa ashhadu anna mohammadan rasool Allah.

From that time until now I started to look at life and people from a different point of view, death is real guys, this life is nothing, and if you still dis-believe in Allah, or if you depend that you will do what Allah ordered you later on after you enjoy your life, believe me you might not live to do that because of a piece of chicken. I was afraid since I didn't yet pray al-3esha and I preferred to eat before praying, what about you my friend, how many days and nights you didn't pray?!!

Get back to Allah and start praying, get back to Allah and ask for forgiveness, get back to Allah and ask for mercy, since you will never know when a chicken might get stock in you throat and die because of it.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

What happened to us?!!

I feel that somebody has raped our dignity and we started to walk afraid and ashame if saying we have one at all. Where is our manners? What happened to muslims and arabs? It seems that the earth is really moving and we are going western while western are taking over eastern.

Shit!! What I am talking about, this subject could put me in jail forever (for (;;) { // khamis in jail }. I really feel that we are done with the era of humanity and its time for animality and technicality. No need to think as human or talk as a human, you think as an animal (only in food, drink and sex) and you talk like an animal (asjnbdsanjdmnjdna denwjn dewdew).

Fuck!! What happened to the childhood? I feel that children of ages 6-10 are older than me!! This technology made them become old very fast but without knowledge, without sense, and without concious. They are just old, they behave like old, they want to go out like old, they want to drink, smoke and have sex like old. No one of them want to pray like old or fast in ramandan like old.

People we start losing control on us and on the coming generations, hopefully I will die before I witness the end of this world, since it seems to be very sooooooooon.