Thursday, December 29, 2005

My Beloved Country

Well, I live in Jordan, Jordan is a poor country in the Middle East, but it has its own characteristics and features.
Common Features with other ME countries "Governmental Actions, Arabic Language, and narrow thinking"

Specific features are:
1- People are always on the edge, mad, and sad.
2- People looks to Improve the Quality of Life, by improving the quality and the quantity of food, that's it!!
3- Low Salaries, 400JD (575$) is considered low, 70% of employees 100JD up to 300JD (145$ - 430$).
4- Government does NOT respect the intelligence of people.
6- Known for being the "Angry People".
8- Bad streets, bad transportation system, few public vehicles.
9- Employees are one of the following:
a- The one who does all the work
b- The one who gives his/her work to the one who does all the work
10- Technology and computers are something beautiful to talk about and to have in the office but who uses them!!.
11- Driving license in Jordan is a "License to kill".
12- Jordanian people motto: "When tomorrow comes we think for tomorrow".
13- "Circle of trust" of both parties doesn't each other.
14- Jordan for people is like hell -> faster you get out less you get hurt.
15- We are for Jordan like "The Human Beings" for the Matrix.

Regardless of what I said, I still love my country. I have good things that I still remember for example ... aaaah ... emmm ... emmm ... aaaah ... ... ... ...

Monday, December 26, 2005

Trix (Cards Game)

I used to go out with friends every Thursday to play cards (usually Trix) and there is one of my friends who is named "Nilhan", this friend doesn't like to lose, and if he loses he needs to drink 2-3 pills of Panadol because of the headache. I love when I play against him, since the game is so hot and since he is a bad loser and doesn't have "sport spirit" his loss comes the joy for me and I enjoy every second I spend in teasing him and making his headache become stronger and stronger :-)

Other friends are cool, Fares usually starts a fight about anything and may ruin the whole night because he is always stressed and cannot relax and enjoy the game.

Qariab is calm, cool, and he gets bored very quickly and usually doesn't bend to the storm when it comes and he back talks to Fares :-(

Rami doesn't think about anything but cars, he bought a car, or he sold a car, he wants a car with such and such specs and engine, CRAZY about cars but he enjoys the game since he usually stays at work till 11 PM everyday and on Thursday he comes to play, enjoy and remove some of the work stress.

There is also Zaid who usually comes late and sometimes play, usually when playing with him the game takes longer since he cannot decide fast and usually we forget him and he wins!!

Monday, December 19, 2005

What is a bug?

In common language: its a disgusting creature, that disturbs you, makes you feel uncomfortable, you do not want to see it, and you want somebody else to kill it for you.

In software industry it is worst than that: A bug is a disgusting piece of code, that no one can read and/or fix, that disturbs the software, the client, the CEO, the CTO, the Project Manager, the Technical Team Leader, then YOU, all that long road of anger is going to be poured over your head. This makes you feel uncomfortable and that you want to destroy the stupid machine, take the keyboard keys out (like taking the eyeballs of somebody's out) and if you are a smoker you go outside the company and smoke a dozen of cigarettes, you try to fix it but you cannot see where is the problem so you give it to somebody else to be screwed by it!!

This is how software engineers work, they write the easy code and delegate the bugs to the new comers :-)

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Karshat and fawaregh

Yesterday my mother cooked us "Karshat and fawaregh" (lamp stomach), I started eating after jom3ah prayers, I could not leave the kitchen, I come and go and on every trip I pick up one and run away. My brothers, wife, mother and sister started to shout at me to stop eating until the food is finished and then we can eat all together.

I prepared the fatteh, and started eating at 3:15 PM, and it was nice and delicious, and since I love that food, I asked mother to keep for me, so I kept around 9 so I can eat them during the coming few days :-)

I will be waiting for the next time to ask my mother to teach my wife how to do them.

Went to Aqaba at 1 AM ...

I went to Aqaba on Wednesday, its becoming nicer and nicer, I suggest that you go and visit it soon. I used the RadissonSas beach, nice, clean and quite. My wife has drowned me 3 times trying to stand up in the water, finally I told her to go and play on the beach since I drank around 2 liters of salt water and I was full :-)

The interesting thing is I went to Aqaba using the "Dead Sea road" and it was the worst decision I have ever made, too many (around 14) military check points and almost on every check point they check the IDs, car license, and trunk, it was a helly road and it took me more 1 hour than usual because of that, I used the "desert way" on my way back, and I advise everyone to use it these days.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

JoLUG Meeting

We held a very nice meeting @ view cafe yesterday night, and around 16 luggers came yesterday. We enjoyed talking into different topics; mainly about girls (60%) and Linux (40%).

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Mouse ... Is out!!

Finally we caught the mouse, we found him glued to one of the traps when he was trying to eat from the lovely bread that my wife put for him.

He was a lovely little mice that I really felt sorry when I dropped him in the trash outside house ...

Finally I can sleep well, not because of the mouse but because of the wife, since she used to wake me up whenever she hears a voice asking me to check if it is the mouse, I go there sleepy I see nothing (since I am not wearing my contact lenses) and tell her e that there is nothing sweetheart get back to sleep I have work tomorrow. Finally I do not need to lie on her and I can sleep :-)