Monday, June 26, 2006

Principles Killer

As in "Pain Killer", really sometimes I do feel that I need something like that since it hinders me from doing so many things. I did lose a very good opportunity for that, I do not know why I am one of those "Principles People". I do feel that I am responsible for many things that gives me the feeling that I have got to hold on in my place or the place will tear apart.

The question to ask is, if there is really something that is "Principles killer" would I take it? Would you take it? This will remain a question that no one knows its answer but ALLAH until they invent something like that.

Anyways I felt I little bit nervous and mad of myself after I turned away a good offer and I needed to blow some anger away by writing these lines and I am sure that Brazil's match tomorrow, will make me better.