Monday, October 30, 2006

My Beloved Country (Special Edition)

Justice, and what do we know about justice in my beloved country, nothing!! Absofuckenlutely.

Justice (as defined here) is: How much do you know people and how much these people owe you or how much you are going to owe them.

Well, had enough appetizers?!! Be ready to read and learn not to do as I did!!

I had a car accident on Friday's night (at around 9:15 PM), the accident is clear that I am not the one who caused it and that I am not the guilty one. Everything in it, the way the cars were lined up, the place where my car was hit, the place where I hit the other car, everything says you are OK khamis and the other guy's insurance company is going to fix your car ...

Until I heard his surname, I realized that I am doomed, and I started to calculate how much the car is going to cost me, but I said I will keep asking for my right whatever it takes. A police car came, the policeman saw the accident and asked us to go to the other side and wait for the road policeman who is going to write the accident report or croka. He came on his motor, saw the two cars for around 5 minutes and he asked us to follow him to the police station.

They entered the police station before me, I waited for a friend to come with his wife to pick up my wife and take her home, then I entered the police station, I found that the policeman already had a wrong idea how the accident happened, and in one minute the table was turned on me and I am guilty. I asked him one question after another, and I asked the people who were with him, and I asked the policeman to explain according to the report he wrote how did the hits in my car happened since they are more to the right side, while in his report they must be on the left side, otherwise I should have been walking on the street side with people and I hit the man's car.

Anyways, I rejected the croka, and I asked for justice to be applied by the court of law!! And there I realized for the second time that I am not only doomed, I might also pay every penny I have, my car, my clothes, everything, to the guy after the case is finished, since it is so obvious that I will be guilty. They chose the judge, and the judge is from the same area ( e.g. Amman), so that means they are relatives, friends, or something like that.

After waiting from 8:30 AM to 1:15 PM, we finally entered to the court room, the man swear on the Quran that what he is saying is true. I tried to explain to the judge but the judge barely listened to me, I didn't feel that his senses are with me. Anyways he said that he wants to listen to the road policeman and see what he is going to say about the corrupted croka.

Lessons learned:
1- Do not ever never ever move your car, until the road policeman comes and draws the accident in front of your eyes as it happened and you approve it. Otherwise you deserve what happens to you.
2- Make sure to listen carefully to your opponent's surname, since surnames will make a difference.
3- Do not let your opponent go into the police station with the policeman without you, or you will be guilty for sure.
4- If you go to the police station, and you felt that you are doomed then suck it up silently since being noisy will take you to the next level.
5- If you saw your opponent in the court choosing the judge, then know for sure that you are DOOMED.
6- Try to be gentle with your opponent, otherwise he might revenge from you.

I did nothing from the above so I am already in the red zone, I made all the mistakes above so be careful friends, specially people living in my beloved country.

The only thing that I would like to remind myself, you, and people who has big SURNAMES, that ALLAH is almighty, Allah knows what we show and what we hide, Allah sees what we do and hears what we say, we might lose things in this life, but nothing is lost up there, so be careful people and be afraid from Al-Qawee, Al-Qahhar, Al-Montaqem, Al-3azeez, Al-Jabbar.

I felt sorry for the guy who put his hand on the Quran and swear by the name of Allah that he is going to say the truth and he didn't even come near it or even smell it.

This doesn't happen anywhere else, so if you are interested to see the in-justice, the unfair, the relationship effects on what is right and what is wrong please pay a visit to my beloved country, visit it before Islam visits it :-(.

Here are some pictures of my car, next blog I will upload and an image of how I had the accident and how my opponent says it happened and how the hits on my car contradicts with his saying.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

My Beloved Country III

My beloved country in Ramadan has very special way of enjoying this holy month, in day its a big F1 car race,  and the worst is it is not a friendly competition. Its all about who is going to kill everyone else in the street to get back to his home to wait for the breakfast for around 4 hours!!

Very friendly people in my beloved country, the nicest thing to do is to make you jump above the side road, if the driver wasn't nice he might let you get under a bus. All of that under the motto "We are fasting in Ramadan". O God!! if it wasn't a holy month, I would forbid fasting in Ramadan to save families, children and people from being tear apart in this month because of the conflicts and car accidents that I see they increase dramatically in Ramadan, although one of the main ideas of this holy month is to decrease these, and to make people love each other more, to have mercy, love, forgiveness increase inside every and each one of the Muslims, and to treat others with utmost respect, nice and love.

In my beloved country Ramadan has a very special taste, its bitter and sour, and we wait until it ends instead of wishing for it to stay more few days to have some more time to ask for forgiveness and mercy from Allah all merciful and all forgiver.

I would like to say to Ramadan this year (2006) goodbye, I personally enjoyed you, and I hope when you come next year my beloved country will receive it as the way it should be received and will enjoy it as the way it should be enjoyed.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Ramadan Kareem

First of all, I would like to congratulate every and each muslim for the coming of the holy month, wishing and hoping that Allah will forgive all muslims visiting my blog (A way to get more goods). And for non-muslims to become muslims, may Allah guide them to the rightest path of Islam.

Secondly, I want to mention that working so early at the morning is something refreshing and good. I felt so sleepy at the first 10 minutes now I am so awake that I feel tired and I want to sleep :-).

This is my first time I wake up at 4, eat sahoor, pray fajr, read quran, dress, and go to work all the things after eating part, were not permitted to happen nor nagotiable. I eat then sleep.

It give a great feeling to think, or hope that you are becoming nearer to Allah everyday, and if somebody really know that he is near to Allah, ask him to get me beside you or even lower than you.

So I want to get some goods, please read the following and after that wish for me forgiveness and mercy:
سبحان الله والحمدلله ولا إله إلاّ الله والله أكبر
سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم

Monday, August 28, 2006

Near Death Experiment

NDE, I have had some of these but were very light and almost nothing, they never affected me or affected my feelings. But the one I am talking about happened last week, it was terrifying, I was shaking from tip to toe, everything was afraid in me, every cell was screaming for help, I was suffocating and I really realized that we are (human beings) are nothing and death is really real.

I do not know how it happened I was eating, as usual, but seems that I didn't chew well at the end of my meal because I was in a hurry to watch a program and start smoking. I was alone at home, my wife was at her parent's house, and I suddenly chocked, I couldn't breath, I couldn't talk, and I couldn't do nothing. I was just looking for an invisible help. Anyone passing by the window, or if the telephone can come to my hand and call my family to say goodbye, or any of my neighbors who might hear my thoughts and come to help me.

I was terrified, I was afraid, and after fighting for an uncountable seconds, I decided to surrender, I wanted to say the Shahadatain but I couldn't, here I was not only terrified, I was horrified, I was afraid of death, I know that one of the worst things a Muslim can face is to die without saying Shahadatain, so I started to fight again I was moving my head like a slaughtered chicken and I was trying to do anything to say it, finally I sat on my knees waiting for the death angle to come and take my soul, knowing that I tried hard to say Al-Shahadatain and hoping that Allah will forgive me for not saying them, suddenly I coughed and I vomited and finally I breathed after more than a minute of trying. The first thing I said was Ashhadu anna la elaha ella Allah wa ashhadu anna mohammadan rasool Allah.

From that time until now I started to look at life and people from a different point of view, death is real guys, this life is nothing, and if you still dis-believe in Allah, or if you depend that you will do what Allah ordered you later on after you enjoy your life, believe me you might not live to do that because of a piece of chicken. I was afraid since I didn't yet pray al-3esha and I preferred to eat before praying, what about you my friend, how many days and nights you didn't pray?!!

Get back to Allah and start praying, get back to Allah and ask for forgiveness, get back to Allah and ask for mercy, since you will never know when a chicken might get stock in you throat and die because of it.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

What happened to us?!!

I feel that somebody has raped our dignity and we started to walk afraid and ashame if saying we have one at all. Where is our manners? What happened to muslims and arabs? It seems that the earth is really moving and we are going western while western are taking over eastern.

Shit!! What I am talking about, this subject could put me in jail forever (for (;;) { // khamis in jail }. I really feel that we are done with the era of humanity and its time for animality and technicality. No need to think as human or talk as a human, you think as an animal (only in food, drink and sex) and you talk like an animal (asjnbdsanjdmnjdna denwjn dewdew).

Fuck!! What happened to the childhood? I feel that children of ages 6-10 are older than me!! This technology made them become old very fast but without knowledge, without sense, and without concious. They are just old, they behave like old, they want to go out like old, they want to drink, smoke and have sex like old. No one of them want to pray like old or fast in ramandan like old.

People we start losing control on us and on the coming generations, hopefully I will die before I witness the end of this world, since it seems to be very sooooooooon.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Brazil vs. France

That was a sad day for the history to remember 1 July 2006 when Brazil lost the chance to be the World Cup Champion for the 6th time. That shocked me!!

I am no football expert, but it was obvious that perriera has made the wrong decision by having Kafu playing, and the worst thing is making Adriano play and taking Joninho out!!

I was surprised that France defeats Brazil for the 2nd time, its a shame that the couch wasn't prepared with a plan for such a strong team like france. He miss evaluated the french team and for that he missed the title?!!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Principles Killer

As in "Pain Killer", really sometimes I do feel that I need something like that since it hinders me from doing so many things. I did lose a very good opportunity for that, I do not know why I am one of those "Principles People". I do feel that I am responsible for many things that gives me the feeling that I have got to hold on in my place or the place will tear apart.

The question to ask is, if there is really something that is "Principles killer" would I take it? Would you take it? This will remain a question that no one knows its answer but ALLAH until they invent something like that.

Anyways I felt I little bit nervous and mad of myself after I turned away a good offer and I needed to blow some anger away by writing these lines and I am sure that Brazil's match tomorrow, will make me better.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Open Day in Hashemite University!!

It was a privilege for me to be one of the speakers in the Linux Open Day in the Hashemite University, although that day wasn't a suitable day for such an event since it was a week before the Final exams and it was the day of ellections but it was a successful day and I enjoyed saying all those young guys eager to know more about Linux.

We discussed different things with the IT dean, and we talked about how to migrate to Linux step by step (hopefully they will start the process). Also I met the VP of the University who is a kind guy and he seemed to be someone who do care about the eduacation system in this country and about this country, although he seemed to be afraid of the change but he was interested and willing to do the change.

One thing that disappointed me is the road to the university, it should be easy to get to such a university and I was looking for it as looking for a needle in a haystake. I was surprised that the signs on the road for the university are either small or on the wrong place (after you pass the turn you have a small sign pointing that the university is already behind you). What a puzzle to reach to the university, I felt like I am in my beloved country Jordan :-)

Friday, April 07, 2006

Jordan and FLOSS

3rd world countries are facing many problems, from poverty, to ignorance, to limited resources, to bad schools and hospitals, amongst others. But these are the least issues 3rd world are facing, the most critical one is “Wrong Decisions, or corrupted decision makers”.

How is that related to technology, OpenSource and Linux?!! well first of all let me explain how can a 3rd world country like Jordan benefits from OpenSource.

Jordanian Government has to encourage the OpenSource shift in all aspects of life. Why?!!

FreeSoftware is to have access to the source code of the program freely, and you can copy it, redistribute it and customize it. (Read the GPL & BSD Licenses).

FreeSoftware is mistakenly (and sometimes intentionally) is mis-interpreted to be “free as in free Soda” but it is not that it is “free as in freedom”. Now freedom may and may not give you the other type of free. (to know more visit

FreeSoftware has proved to have the following advantages:

  1. Costs less than property closed software

  2. Stable, you hardly need to restart the machine

  3. Secured (Most of Linux distributions comes secured out-of-the-box)

  4. Trusted (You have access to source code)

  5. Much less bugs (Many eye balls are looking at the code)

  6. Users are limited to their shell and environment, so worst case scenario that user will ruin his home directory but not the whole system

  7. Number of known viruses on Linux is less than 100, while on the other hand number of known viruses are thousands

  8. Tremendous number of FreeSoftware packages that gives the administrators the ability to choose what best fits their needs

  9. Ability to customize the software since source code is available

  10. No vendor lock-in, FreeSoftware lives as long as the community needs it not as long as the vendor wants

Does FreeSoftware have disadvantageous?!! of course, to list the most critical of them are:

  1. Some hardware drivers are not supported on Linux

  2. Some software (that runs on the other alternative) doesn't run on Linux distributions since software vendor doesn't produce a Linux-version of the software (e.g. Microsoft games), while these software may run using an emulator (e.g. Wine or WineX)

  3. Takes time to configure the server, but once configured correctly you hardly need to see the machine.

  4. Arabic support is still in progress, it is going to take sometime, to have fully Arabic-support distribution, although UTF8 is full supported by the system.

  5. Having many packages may confuse the administrator for a while until he/she decides on what to keep, what to remove, and what to install on the machine.

  6. Support, Linux still doesn't have enough support companies, in the Arabic world in general, and in Jordan in special, and doesn't have enough investment, its the government who will increase the awareness for Linux.

What makes government decision makers (e.g. CTO) not to take the decision to adopt Linux?!! From my point of view there are five reasons:

  1. Ignorance, the CTO didn't hear about Linux, hmmmm, then this is the person who is not in right place and shall be replaced with someone who is connected to the technology

  2. FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt), well, if you make the first step, you will see companies, universities (already we have some), etc ... try to gain knowledge about this beast

  3. Cannot do anything for political reasons, thats even worse, we are controlled by the super power because we don't try to minimize our debts, we take many loans and helps from 1st World countries, and we are so dependent. We can free our economy when we free our souls and minds, so open your mind and your eyes and look around you.

  4. Doesn't care (or his/her superiors doesn't care) about what best fits the country, well this kind of decision makers has already put this country into hard situations and shall be replaced with people who cares and who wants the good for this country and for the people.

  5. Attracted by the other OS, after all what is stated before i think that such a decision maker should reconsider thinking again, Linux has many capabilities within our budgets and is serving over 30% of servers around the world, and is increasing, do you know that this OS is running many clusters, super computers, space shuttles, telescopes, cars, playStation3, and more, the list is so long. Linux also has attracted the industry Giants like IBM, Sun, HP, Oracle, google, yahoo and others.

Now let us assume that the decision maker decided to adopt Linux, what is needed to be done? This should be planned carefully, and it is good to have some professional people from inside or outside the country to help in the migration, i personally recommend that the change is done on small scale, to test and to know the system capabilities, if you found that the system is attractive, and has potentials, then you can expand the adoption, and within 3-5 years we can have a government that is 100% free (I mean runs on FreeSoftware), and we will have experts, advocates, and people struggling to keep it that way.

But you stated that it will cost me during the setup time? And it is harder than the Other OS? Well thats true but anything is hard at its beginning, there is a learning curve, with the right people this learning curve is less than 6 months, and afterwards these will do almost everything.

What are you talking about 6 months of training?

Well, yes, why not?!! these are going to be the base for the country, these are going to be the people who will train others, and these are our people why not to invest in them?!! If the retain of Investment (ROI) is guaranteed, and these will help into speeding up Linux adoption, why not?!! If this FreeSoftware is going to free the country economically and will help us to be technology producers not consumers, then why not?!! Why not investing into universities and schools to adopt Linux and by the time (i.e. 2 - 3 years maximum) this country will export experts in the field, do you want me to imagine more ..., i think thats enough.

A quick comparison:

Let us assume that we have 10,000 $, to buy Windows software, OS, Office, Development Kit, and other Misc software

  1. will use hypothetical discounts (i don't imagine that M$ will give such a discount))

OS: 20 $
Office: 50 $
Misc: 30 $
Development Kit: for free

That means that we need to pay MS 100$ per machine, by doing the math i can prepare 100 machines, now when using FreeSoftware packages

OS (Linux): 0$
Office (OpenOffice): 0$
Misc (mail client, AOL, management tools): 0$
Development Kit (many, gcc, anjuta, kdevelop, glade): 0$

Then that means that i can prepare as many machines as i have, what to do with the 10,000 $, we can use them as an investment in engineers, in software customization, tweaking software for our needs, having a Jordanian Linux distribution, that is tested, customized, improved, modified, tweaked, fixed, write missing hardware drivers, etc... to fit next installations, this is needed every time and then, but until it is needed this distribution will do its job and will continue to be installed and will continue serving people, administrators, employees, students, teachers.

At the end, don't just take my words for guarantee, and also don't just close your minds and eyes and say what does this crazy guy is saying, look around you, Linux is adopted in many places, a list of them (but not limited to) is:

  1. Some USA states

  2. Germany

  3. Brazil

  4. Mexico

  5. Israel

  6. North Korea

This is a small list, the countries adopted Linux are much more than that, but these the ones crossed my mind.

We need to start learning from others (we usually don't learn and in best case scenario we learn from our mistakes), and others, have already went through many problems that we as followers will not see again, but “to come late, is better than not to come at all”.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

My Beloved Country II

aaaaah....emmmm. Well, I have my family and friends living there, do I have anything else that keeps me from running away?!! No

Especially after the new changes that is happening here, just like:
1- Increasing the prices of almost everything (except Human Beings).
2- People here are dead, no motivation, no dreams, no hope in tomorrow, no hope in today.
3- Too many taxes (I am being taxes for my shit) and I think that we are going to pay taxes for air, being alive, and maybe hearing, since the default here is to be deff (we push the car horne for everything), we also pay taxes for the receipt of the taxes!! Isn't that too f..... much?!!
4- Driving license has evoluted from "license to kill" to "license to be killed", since already all the killers had their licenses now who gets a license is a victim.
5- I think that the government should pay us for living here, since if the borders where opened I am pretty sure that around 80% (if not more) of people are going to leave so the goverment will have no one to govern!!
6- People here are "Aliens vs. Predetors" that are fighting on the victims, if you are not this one then you need to be the other or else ...
7- We cannot talk with the government, we cannot protest against the government actions, we cannot say no, we cannot say yes, we cannot do anything except eating, drinking (cost money), working (generates money that government already takes from it around 40%), and having sex.
8- Youth are now lost and with no future, because of the following:
a- No money with the young people
b- So they cannot achieve their dreams
c- Even having a ligetimate sex relationship (marriage) costs money
d- They cannot have a decent job that fullfills his and his family needs
e- They cannot have illegal sex (forbbedin) or may get killed, and also costs money
f- They cannot watch TV or porn movies
g- They cannot buy a car (without a debt)
h- They cannot leave here without experience (Gulf now is engaged by "Isian" people)
i- They cannot go out to places to do anything except playing cards or pool
j- They do not have freedom, neither in learning, nor in thinking, or anything else, they are filled with what THEY want
9- Intended ignorance of Jordanian people problems?!!
10- Intended ignorance of people?!! Everyone here tends to know nothing and discuss nothing.

See you in the next series ...

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

No Danish Products

Well, I have never boycotted anything from any country for whatever reason, but this is serious and so I decided to boycot all Danish products!!

May Allah burn them in hell !!

Hopefully my muslim brother you will do the same...