Tuesday, August 22, 2006

What happened to us?!!

I feel that somebody has raped our dignity and we started to walk afraid and ashame if saying we have one at all. Where is our manners? What happened to muslims and arabs? It seems that the earth is really moving and we are going western while western are taking over eastern.

Shit!! What I am talking about, this subject could put me in jail forever (for (;;) { // khamis in jail }. I really feel that we are done with the era of humanity and its time for animality and technicality. No need to think as human or talk as a human, you think as an animal (only in food, drink and sex) and you talk like an animal (asjnbdsanjdmnjdna denwjn dewdew).

Fuck!! What happened to the childhood? I feel that children of ages 6-10 are older than me!! This technology made them become old very fast but without knowledge, without sense, and without concious. They are just old, they behave like old, they want to go out like old, they want to drink, smoke and have sex like old. No one of them want to pray like old or fast in ramandan like old.

People we start losing control on us and on the coming generations, hopefully I will die before I witness the end of this world, since it seems to be very sooooooooon.

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