Sunday, January 01, 2012

My Beloved Country 2012

I want to say "Happy New Year" to all of you and lets have some f---- great time as everything is going to be alright during this year but even for an optimistic guy like me I see its going to be worse than before on all aspects of life.

Jordan is facing one of the most critical times in its lifetime and still we see people celebrating and spending money here and there without even thinking.

Jordan is facing one of the most critical times in its lifetime and still we see slow actions from the government and still nothing has been fixed and the situation gets even worse

Jordan is facing one of the most critical times in its lifetime and still we see people asking for luxury and being relaxed or having fun, how could we have fun while blood is being shed in different areas in Jordan or outside Jordan

Jordan is facing one of the most critical times in its lifetime and we see officials doing nothing, no actions been taken whatsoever about anything

Why do we think that 2012 will be better? Is this kind of hope or dream? Is it a vision? or is it some speculations of some dumbass talking about stars and planets and saying that Venus is now entered the ass of Mars and therefore all our upcoming days are going to be as good as shit!!

I do not know why are we becoming less responsible, less thoughtful, ruthless, merciless, human-less and mind-less and only thinking about our pleasures and how to spend lots and lots of money on worth-less shit.

Never mind, enjoy those few upcoming days, it will not last forever and many of you will regret it someday when they realize that they are going to die eventually and all of that money worths nothing inside the grave.

I would love to see those rich people who owns millions of JDs and ask them, what will happen if everyone of you donated some real money to help the poor people in Jordan to pass through these hard days and especially the winter. I am sure that most of them are spending more on buying clothes, makeup and cars.

2012 is the year when we will hear about people starving to death in Jordan,  people died from the cold weather or even worse ...

I wish, dream and hope that 2012 will be better though all the indicators are saying the opposite, I do not see any f----- lights at the end of the tunnel, not only that but also the tunnel has become so small thats making it hard to breath.

It comes to my mind why didn't I accept to go out when I had the chance? Is it really worth it to live here? I usually believe in 2nd chances, this is going to be the 2nd chance after 1000 but hopefully it will work out to become better and that finally there will be something that will make staying here a joy not a sacrifice.

There is a big difference between "Living for a reason" and "Reasoning our lives"
There is a big difference between "Loving to Live" and "Living a Love"
There is a big difference between "Dreaming your life" and "Living your dreams"

Can the decision makers here realize the difference between "Talking your work" and "Working your talks", we are done with talking and now (especially now) its the time for seeing some actions on the ground that will put this country back to stability and motivate its people to work harder and be productive because there is something that worth living.


diyaa raabah said...

nice words mr.khames but We can only say" my god pleas Save this country safe from all harm "

diyaa raabah said...
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