Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Open Day in Hashemite University!!

It was a privilege for me to be one of the speakers in the Linux Open Day in the Hashemite University, although that day wasn't a suitable day for such an event since it was a week before the Final exams and it was the day of ellections but it was a successful day and I enjoyed saying all those young guys eager to know more about Linux.

We discussed different things with the IT dean, and we talked about how to migrate to Linux step by step (hopefully they will start the process). Also I met the VP of the University who is a kind guy and he seemed to be someone who do care about the eduacation system in this country and about this country, although he seemed to be afraid of the change but he was interested and willing to do the change.

One thing that disappointed me is the road to the university, it should be easy to get to such a university and I was looking for it as looking for a needle in a haystake. I was surprised that the signs on the road for the university are either small or on the wrong place (after you pass the turn you have a small sign pointing that the university is already behind you). What a puzzle to reach to the university, I felt like I am in my beloved country Jordan :-)

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