Monday, June 26, 2006

Principles Killer

As in "Pain Killer", really sometimes I do feel that I need something like that since it hinders me from doing so many things. I did lose a very good opportunity for that, I do not know why I am one of those "Principles People". I do feel that I am responsible for many things that gives me the feeling that I have got to hold on in my place or the place will tear apart.

The question to ask is, if there is really something that is "Principles killer" would I take it? Would you take it? This will remain a question that no one knows its answer but ALLAH until they invent something like that.

Anyways I felt I little bit nervous and mad of myself after I turned away a good offer and I needed to blow some anger away by writing these lines and I am sure that Brazil's match tomorrow, will make me better.

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Ala'a Ibrahim said...

Well, I guess the best principle killer is money :), they say everybody has a price, your price is how strong is your principle :), like pain, some pain needs more than just a regular asprin or panadol to take, but usually drugs solve them in the end. thats money you need a good amount of money to kill your principle.
there is another good principle killer, it's dealing with crap people, but this one needs time.
and don't worry about good offers, they always comeback to those who deserve them, and I guess you really deserve a good offer, unless you turned a google offer :P.
see ya