Saturday, December 10, 2005

Karshat and fawaregh

Yesterday my mother cooked us "Karshat and fawaregh" (lamp stomach), I started eating after jom3ah prayers, I could not leave the kitchen, I come and go and on every trip I pick up one and run away. My brothers, wife, mother and sister started to shout at me to stop eating until the food is finished and then we can eat all together.

I prepared the fatteh, and started eating at 3:15 PM, and it was nice and delicious, and since I love that food, I asked mother to keep for me, so I kept around 9 so I can eat them during the coming few days :-)

I will be waiting for the next time to ask my mother to teach my wife how to do them.

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ahmad said...

miss u saksooka 2sazeerah:D