Monday, April 30, 2007


Seems that Dubai has inspired me to write, so I am writing my opinion about it frankly, and I feel that it is like USA. I really respect Indians and different other nations living in UAE and accept that they are ruled by minorities (Emaratees), If I was an Indian living in Dubai, I would have suggested to make a revolution, ask for chairs in the parlemant and if the minority didn't accept that I would take the lead and rule UAE, since my people (Indians) deserves to rule the country, they are doing most of the work there, and they are majority there.

When the new americans decided to take over the land, they fought the original people (Red Indians) and killed most of them and after they won the war, they made a peace agreement with the remaining of the original people and put them in "Protected Area". I suggest that Indians do the same, with other nationalities (specifically chinese and philippins) to do the same, they put all the Emaratees in one big Tower (I think that all emaratees can be filled in one tower) and name that the "Protected Tower".

* Indians have to take what they deserve, UAE is for India not for Arabs
* Hockers, gays and pimps, have to take what they deserve, they have to be the representatives of the people in the parlemant, since this is the type of people to represent.
* Other Arbic nationalities have to take what they deserve, to drive taxis and to do the low class work
* Emaratees have to take what they deserve, to be protected, since I think that they are extincting and they deserve to be protected in one of their multi-million towers, and to put their pictures in the lobby, and start helping them to mate and to increase their numbers.
* Finally, me and other arabs, have to take what they deserve, 00100.

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