Sunday, April 29, 2007

Me in Dubai!!

I heard lots of things about that part of the world, and I assumed that I will be the happiest person in the world to get the opportunity to visit it, but it seems that my expectations were very high provided that I did not spend much in it (only 3 days).

But in those three days I found the following:

1- No Arabs there, the only thing that proved that I am in Dubai that they have some signs in Arabic, and the governmental buildings.

2- No taxis, I walked until I had small bubbles in my feet, it used to take me an hour to get to the offices of the client and an hour to get back to the hotel although they are less than 10 kilometers away from each other.

3- Low class hotels have lots of bitches and lots of bars and discos, I had to stay awake till 4 AM until I can get to sleep from tired. I was surrounded by songs, music, laughs and screams from all places.

4- Shallow people and all of them are looking at Dubai as the treasure that everyone has to get some of it. It doesn't matter if Dubai spends 200 billion dollars on construction of big and high towers, since they have the money, they have the ego and they have the small minds that can be manipulated easily by the pirates of chances.

5- Airport is inside the city, it frightened me

6- Very big airport that needs around an hour even with using the conveyors that transports people from place to place.

7- People stays out at night in bars and discos and get to their work tired and lazy.

8- Too many places to enjoy some forbidden entertainment that makes the strongest person kneel for his desires

9- 12 satellite channels where 6 out of them are Indian channels!!

10- Too many Indians, with little or no Arabic, to the extend that you assume that no one talks Arabic there.

It was my happiest day, the day that I left it, since I had so many tough times there trying to adapt and live there and tolerate that I am talking to non-Arabs, where you can barely communicate with them.

On those three days I really, really, really loved my country Jordan, and I hope we do not turn to be like them especially that we are trying to become like them!!

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