Sunday, November 18, 2007


Melon!! and what do you know about Melon!! It is one of the big telecommunication companies in World, and one of the biggest ones in Wonder World.

Wonder World, is a hypothetical country that doesn't actually exists, and this is my story with
"Melon in Wonder World!!"

Once there were different groups of people a group to manage Internal communication, a group to manage External communication, and a group to manage wireless communication, they got together under one name and they named it IEW (Internal External Wireless).

Although they were one group, but they still were different groups, you have to make paper work for different services from different places, and here Melon came, they bought that IEW, so the first thing stroke my mind is that now everything will be in place since Melon is a non-wonder world company, everything must be organized and everything has to be flawless to insure customers' satisfaction, and I found that Wonder World effect, affected Melon, or Melon is already rotten from inside.

I moved from my house on 1 September, I made two paper works to move telephone line and ABKL, they finally worked on them last week and installed them for me, and I was assuming that moving ABKL means to deactivate my account, so I also assumed that when the setup is there Melon will return everything to full operation, and here I was shocked, that I had to make another 3rd paper work to deactivate my account and to reactivate it, and since I did not I had to pay 30+ JDs for a service a didn't get or use for the previous two months, why?!! Because they are still three different companies from inside, what a shame?!!

Thanks to Melon to making my life even harder, because before, I knew they were three different companies and doing paper works for them was expected, now they are one big Melon from outside and Melon gives the illusion to the customers that it is one big entity, while in fact they are still three different companies (actually four different companies there is one for software).

This is what happens when you live in Wonder World.

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