Saturday, May 10, 2008

This my first thing that I do for myself, we have been working on this project for a year now, to release something professional and up to the expectations of the users,, is my first project that I own, its very simple and intuitive site, to help users to find and sell cars, it leverages Open Source applications, such as Apache and PHP, on top of Linux, and it aims to serve the people who are looking to sell or buy cars in an easy and direct way, for free., is meant to be easy, fast, and optimized to the maximum, we (Khaled Salah, Hamzeh Abu Zakham and I) have leveraged our experience in the IT sector, to build a site that is of a high quality, technically and non-technically, made sure that we are as much as possible w3c compliant, used tools like YSlow and to optimize the site to as much as possible., gives the users the ability to visit all the pages without registration, to view and find cars, registration is only required when the user wants to sell his or her car, and the registration is made simple and for free, registered users will also benefit from the newsletters that we are going to issue monthly about newly added cars or features., gives the dealers an intuitive way to upload their cars and market their cars and services, the dealer can also upload his logo and put full information about his or her business, without even returning to us, he or she also has the ability to upload as many cars wanted, delete any cars or report cars that been sold, all that is done for free.

People who knows me, people who cares about me, please promote the site, and also help us to make it better, by sending me directly or using the "Contact Us" link, your feedbacks.

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