Saturday, April 02, 2011

24 March in Amman City, succeeded ... to fail!!

I heard a lot about 24 March and I have supported their requests, defended them during discussions and actually I was eager to join them but after the last demonstrations but I lost that eager, I still support the freedom they are asking for, actually I am the supporter for freedom and I used to do that for 10 years in the area that I understand which is technology and software and I had always asked the government officials and different decision makers to support Free software and Open Source Software and though I didn't succeed in my mission but I will continue that struggle until I succeed Insha Allah.

Now the question comes, why did I lose the eager to join 24 March movement (I may create my own movement called 25th of February, that have the same requests)?!! Well, first of all they were not organized, their identity wasn't clear to me, sometime they looked Islamic, then liberal then something else, the speakers weren't that great (I attended after 4:30 PM), the song that the child sang wasn't impressive, the poet about Khairi Saed (Allah Yer7amo) was provocative, we were thanking the policemen before few minutes and in that poem it was in a way humiliating them and feeding the negative energy and he wasn't killed by bullets and I do not think that he was a poet, and the worst thing was the sketch at the end.

The early and unplanned ending was a shock but I would like to thank the 24 March Shabab for their courtesy for ending the demonstrations earlier than what was planned for the policemen to have some rest as they were doing their job and I really hope that it wasn't ended because it failed (though this is how I saw it).

Shabab 24 March, I want to send you a message, your movement has started to lose its credibility and many others are trying to take advantage of you, please think twice before you select your enemies and think 100 times before you select your friends.

Why did I go there? This might be a valid question that even Mokhabarat might ask me or others who might see me in the TV, well, five main things that made me go there to see the demonstrations:

1- To practice my political freedom, I have always done that before on a limited scale and I used to be afraid from the "Reports Writers and their spices"

2- To get to know the 24 march more and get in touch with them

3- To see if they are really doing a peaceful demonstration (I had this doubt that I needed to clear)

4- To see if there are actually what we call baltajieh (though I already have seen them in different areas in Amman and already criticized them different times on twitter) but I needed to see if they will try to do anything wrong

5- I have put my life online based on the words of His Majesty King Abdullah II and wanted to see if really the policemen will protect the demonstrators or not (for people who doesn't know me, I am a fat, slow person with a bad knee and back injury, therefore I will not be able to run if we were attacked and if someone just throw a knife it will for sure hit me even if he didn't mean to do that).

After I went there I have actually accomplished all my objectives and came up with the following (you may agree or not):

1- It was a great feeling to practice freedom, I know the feeling when I do my job, but in politics this might be the first time that I really feel it and I do not think that this could have happened before, and I wish that His Majesty will maintain this for us and even help us to mature in this area and to help us in practicing freedom and democracy while knowing our responsibilities and rights, and to give us the road map on how to move this to the next level and for a better Jordan.

2- 24 March movement is not mature and some of the guys there wasn't taking it seriously, the guys might be pure and clean and for sure they love Jordan but they need lots of work before they can create the effect that they want and thats why they are trying to get others to support them (The 36 group), the Muslims Brotherhood (el-ekhwan) and others who are against the government, I am not saying that this government is great, actually I feel its worse than the previous one but also its true that ekhwan for sure never did and will never do represent me or my ideas.

3- It was a peaceful demonstration and I saw families there with their kids (see images below)
4- Were there "Baltajieh", yes there were and actually they were doing so many uncivilized things, such as loud songs, they called the demonstrators names (not as bad as what we saw on youtube), they called them the traitors, the ignorants, the disloyal and some actually were trying to attack the leaving demonstrators at the end of the demonstration. On the way to the area of demonstration some of them were driving like crazy dogs (I will not forget the black BMW who was about to hit 3-4 people standing on the side way), unfortunately I do not have pictures but you can imagine them from the historical images and videos

5- The demonstrators were well protected and I really felt how those policemen were trying their best to avoid any conflicts, they stopped cars and made them return if they suspected them, they asked people to stay away to avoid issues, they were friendly and polite, I would like to salute every policeman there who protected the demonstrations and kept the promises, it was that safe that an old guy who hardly can walk was there.
Finally I would like to thank the pure 24 march shabab who cleaned the square after the demonstrations ended and I would like also to thank the cleaners who also helped.
Finally a message for His Majesty, please give your orders for quick reformations and repairs in Jordan, we are tired from the corruption, we are tired from the expensive life, we are tired from the people who are trying to hijack our freedom and we are also tired from the people who are trying to take advantage of our freedom, its like "If your son grows older then make him your brother". And I hope that His Majesty is supervising the steps towards better Jordan himself and not based on reports of people who will do their best to impress him and for sure will try to show him a mutated image instead of giving him the "real" image.

Allah Akbar, Long Live Jordan and Long Live His Majesty.

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