Saturday, October 21, 2006

My Beloved Country III

My beloved country in Ramadan has very special way of enjoying this holy month, in day its a big F1 car race,  and the worst is it is not a friendly competition. Its all about who is going to kill everyone else in the street to get back to his home to wait for the breakfast for around 4 hours!!

Very friendly people in my beloved country, the nicest thing to do is to make you jump above the side road, if the driver wasn't nice he might let you get under a bus. All of that under the motto "We are fasting in Ramadan". O God!! if it wasn't a holy month, I would forbid fasting in Ramadan to save families, children and people from being tear apart in this month because of the conflicts and car accidents that I see they increase dramatically in Ramadan, although one of the main ideas of this holy month is to decrease these, and to make people love each other more, to have mercy, love, forgiveness increase inside every and each one of the Muslims, and to treat others with utmost respect, nice and love.

In my beloved country Ramadan has a very special taste, its bitter and sour, and we wait until it ends instead of wishing for it to stay more few days to have some more time to ask for forgiveness and mercy from Allah all merciful and all forgiver.

I would like to say to Ramadan this year (2006) goodbye, I personally enjoyed you, and I hope when you come next year my beloved country will receive it as the way it should be received and will enjoy it as the way it should be enjoyed.

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