Monday, October 30, 2006

My Beloved Country (Special Edition)

Justice, and what do we know about justice in my beloved country, nothing!! Absofuckenlutely.

Justice (as defined here) is: How much do you know people and how much these people owe you or how much you are going to owe them.

Well, had enough appetizers?!! Be ready to read and learn not to do as I did!!

I had a car accident on Friday's night (at around 9:15 PM), the accident is clear that I am not the one who caused it and that I am not the guilty one. Everything in it, the way the cars were lined up, the place where my car was hit, the place where I hit the other car, everything says you are OK khamis and the other guy's insurance company is going to fix your car ...

Until I heard his surname, I realized that I am doomed, and I started to calculate how much the car is going to cost me, but I said I will keep asking for my right whatever it takes. A police car came, the policeman saw the accident and asked us to go to the other side and wait for the road policeman who is going to write the accident report or croka. He came on his motor, saw the two cars for around 5 minutes and he asked us to follow him to the police station.

They entered the police station before me, I waited for a friend to come with his wife to pick up my wife and take her home, then I entered the police station, I found that the policeman already had a wrong idea how the accident happened, and in one minute the table was turned on me and I am guilty. I asked him one question after another, and I asked the people who were with him, and I asked the policeman to explain according to the report he wrote how did the hits in my car happened since they are more to the right side, while in his report they must be on the left side, otherwise I should have been walking on the street side with people and I hit the man's car.

Anyways, I rejected the croka, and I asked for justice to be applied by the court of law!! And there I realized for the second time that I am not only doomed, I might also pay every penny I have, my car, my clothes, everything, to the guy after the case is finished, since it is so obvious that I will be guilty. They chose the judge, and the judge is from the same area ( e.g. Amman), so that means they are relatives, friends, or something like that.

After waiting from 8:30 AM to 1:15 PM, we finally entered to the court room, the man swear on the Quran that what he is saying is true. I tried to explain to the judge but the judge barely listened to me, I didn't feel that his senses are with me. Anyways he said that he wants to listen to the road policeman and see what he is going to say about the corrupted croka.

Lessons learned:
1- Do not ever never ever move your car, until the road policeman comes and draws the accident in front of your eyes as it happened and you approve it. Otherwise you deserve what happens to you.
2- Make sure to listen carefully to your opponent's surname, since surnames will make a difference.
3- Do not let your opponent go into the police station with the policeman without you, or you will be guilty for sure.
4- If you go to the police station, and you felt that you are doomed then suck it up silently since being noisy will take you to the next level.
5- If you saw your opponent in the court choosing the judge, then know for sure that you are DOOMED.
6- Try to be gentle with your opponent, otherwise he might revenge from you.

I did nothing from the above so I am already in the red zone, I made all the mistakes above so be careful friends, specially people living in my beloved country.

The only thing that I would like to remind myself, you, and people who has big SURNAMES, that ALLAH is almighty, Allah knows what we show and what we hide, Allah sees what we do and hears what we say, we might lose things in this life, but nothing is lost up there, so be careful people and be afraid from Al-Qawee, Al-Qahhar, Al-Montaqem, Al-3azeez, Al-Jabbar.

I felt sorry for the guy who put his hand on the Quran and swear by the name of Allah that he is going to say the truth and he didn't even come near it or even smell it.

This doesn't happen anywhere else, so if you are interested to see the in-justice, the unfair, the relationship effects on what is right and what is wrong please pay a visit to my beloved country, visit it before Islam visits it :-(.

Here are some pictures of my car, next blog I will upload and an image of how I had the accident and how my opponent says it happened and how the hits on my car contradicts with his saying.

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