Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sorry girls ... Labor day is Anger day

The idea from having a Labor day is that the "labor" enjoy a day off as part of appreciating them, well thats great.

We took an extra day off, what are we going to do with it? Me personally, will stay home, most probably picking fights and creating a non-comfortable environment in home and I have my reasons for that.

If we are OK and having fun then that means that I will have to take the girls and wife to somewhere outside the house to play and have lunch and maybe even have dinner outside, so we are going to enjoy our time.

Very lovely, a day like that should start maybe at 10 AM, breakfast somewhere (5 JDs) then go to a play ground or a park and since in "East Amman" (The ignored part of Amman) doesn't have a clean park or garden (in East Amman, kids areas are full of glass, cigarettes butts, impolite boys add to that they are dirty, unhealthy and full of small harmful things), so I have to take the girls to somewhere clean (+ 5 JDs), they will play there enjoy their time then lunch time will come, usually lunch consists of unhealthy fast food thats full of calories, oily and not edible (15 -20 JDs).

After that the day should move forward to go to place where we should walk (safe place to walk) then that means we have to go to a mall, if we go to a mall that means one of two things, either I have to comply to the "Buy" requests or I will have to be a grumpy, cheap and hated father and husband (50+ JDs).

After that we will have to go to play again!! If in a mall then we are talking about extra 10 JDs. Most probably we have to drink something from one of the Donuts stores and eat donuts (10 JDs)

After that dinner, either I buy it and take it home or go and have it outside in either cases we are talking about 10 JDs and add to that 10 JDs for gasoline then a total fun and joyful day that will end perfectly and everyone will be happy will cost me around 100-120 JDs, therefore the best thing is to start my day with a fight that will make my wife take the expected approach, take the kids and go to her mother's, they will have fun and maybe go to walk here or there (10-20 JDs).

In my beloved country, everything costs money even the most trivial and basic needs, which is to enjoy time in a clean, usable, kids-friendly place. I do not know why should I drive 15 Kms to go to a place where I can feel that its a safe place for the girls and be comfortable in it.

By the way a school in East Amman even private ones 500-800, in West Amman 1200-1700 JDs) and actually you can see the difference (at least the ones I saw):
- West: Clean, organized, caring, healthy, safe, etc ...
- East: otherwise

Parliament members, believe it or not, there is no hope in you for sure and I think there is no hope in us too, our mindsets are corrupted, the hope is in the upcoming generations, if anyone cares.

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