Thursday, December 29, 2005

My Beloved Country

Well, I live in Jordan, Jordan is a poor country in the Middle East, but it has its own characteristics and features.
Common Features with other ME countries "Governmental Actions, Arabic Language, and narrow thinking"

Specific features are:
1- People are always on the edge, mad, and sad.
2- People looks to Improve the Quality of Life, by improving the quality and the quantity of food, that's it!!
3- Low Salaries, 400JD (575$) is considered low, 70% of employees 100JD up to 300JD (145$ - 430$).
4- Government does NOT respect the intelligence of people.
6- Known for being the "Angry People".
8- Bad streets, bad transportation system, few public vehicles.
9- Employees are one of the following:
a- The one who does all the work
b- The one who gives his/her work to the one who does all the work
10- Technology and computers are something beautiful to talk about and to have in the office but who uses them!!.
11- Driving license in Jordan is a "License to kill".
12- Jordanian people motto: "When tomorrow comes we think for tomorrow".
13- "Circle of trust" of both parties doesn't each other.
14- Jordan for people is like hell -> faster you get out less you get hurt.
15- We are for Jordan like "The Human Beings" for the Matrix.

Regardless of what I said, I still love my country. I have good things that I still remember for example ... aaaah ... emmm ... emmm ... aaaah ... ... ... ...

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Anonymous said...

Salam Khamis,

My name is Mohammad Halawah. Today was the first time I read your blogs. Man you are tallented, trully you are. I enjoied 80% of what you write. I added you blog to my favorits OPS I mean Bookmarks. I will refer to it wherver I had stress. The reason why I like what you write is that we share the same kind of buissines, but youhave light blod "dam 7'afeef". If you have time you can start podcasting, I guess you have the tallent to do that.