Monday, December 19, 2005

What is a bug?

In common language: its a disgusting creature, that disturbs you, makes you feel uncomfortable, you do not want to see it, and you want somebody else to kill it for you.

In software industry it is worst than that: A bug is a disgusting piece of code, that no one can read and/or fix, that disturbs the software, the client, the CEO, the CTO, the Project Manager, the Technical Team Leader, then YOU, all that long road of anger is going to be poured over your head. This makes you feel uncomfortable and that you want to destroy the stupid machine, take the keyboard keys out (like taking the eyeballs of somebody's out) and if you are a smoker you go outside the company and smoke a dozen of cigarettes, you try to fix it but you cannot see where is the problem so you give it to somebody else to be screwed by it!!

This is how software engineers work, they write the easy code and delegate the bugs to the new comers :-)

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