Monday, December 26, 2005

Trix (Cards Game)

I used to go out with friends every Thursday to play cards (usually Trix) and there is one of my friends who is named "Nilhan", this friend doesn't like to lose, and if he loses he needs to drink 2-3 pills of Panadol because of the headache. I love when I play against him, since the game is so hot and since he is a bad loser and doesn't have "sport spirit" his loss comes the joy for me and I enjoy every second I spend in teasing him and making his headache become stronger and stronger :-)

Other friends are cool, Fares usually starts a fight about anything and may ruin the whole night because he is always stressed and cannot relax and enjoy the game.

Qariab is calm, cool, and he gets bored very quickly and usually doesn't bend to the storm when it comes and he back talks to Fares :-(

Rami doesn't think about anything but cars, he bought a car, or he sold a car, he wants a car with such and such specs and engine, CRAZY about cars but he enjoys the game since he usually stays at work till 11 PM everyday and on Thursday he comes to play, enjoy and remove some of the work stress.

There is also Zaid who usually comes late and sometimes play, usually when playing with him the game takes longer since he cannot decide fast and usually we forget him and he wins!!

1 comment:

nilhan said...

nilhan nilhan ana nilhan ya saksook
the one who always win with or without headache
next Thursday is closer than tomorrow ya saksook and yahoodiyye is better than getting a partner like 7’alaf
and as they said al meidan ya abu 7meidan